AVID’s mission is to close the achievement gap by preparing all students for college readiness and success in a global society.

Advancement Via Individual Determination

What is AVID for  Higher Education?

AVID for Higher Education (AHE) builds on AVID’s more than 30-year history of successfully preparing elementary and secondary students for college and career readiness. AVID’s strong connections to higher education institutions prompted colleges and universities from across the United States to reach out to AVID and collaborate on the idea of ongoing success for students through active, continued college support.

Whether the goal is a career certification or an advanced degree, college education is required for six out of every 10 jobs in America's knowledge-based economy (Carnevale & Desrochers, 2003). While more students are enrolling in higher education, college graduation rates remain frustratingly static.

AHE is designed specifically to meet the needs of students attending a college or university. AHE resources systemically address the goals of increased learning, persistence, completion, and success in and beyond college. AVID assists higher education professionals in analyzing existing student support initiatives and data, identifying barriers and needs, and establishing and assessing student learning outcomes. By assisting faculty and administrators in their efforts to increase student engagement, AVID also supports students in their efforts to earn a college degree and/or certificate. When implemented with fidelity, AVID impacts the expectations and behaviors of postsecondary students, faculty, and administrators through research-driven and ongoing professional learning.

AHE consists of two initiatives: Student Success and Teacher Preparation. These initiatives act as a holistic, integrated, college success system designed for students who are determined to succeed and for campuses and teacher education programs committed to promoting student success. In keeping with AVID’s philosophy, AHE is founded on the proposition that college students who have the will to succeed will succeed—if they are challenged and given the academic and psychosocial support needed to meet that challenge.

The Student Success Initiative (SSI) is designed to support students who enter college under-prepared. SSI addresses the gaps in student performance and success at institutions of higher education by developing the skills that enable students to deal effectively with the academic, cultural, and financial challenges that college creates.

The Teacher Preparation Initiative (TPI) provides teacher candidates with a deep understanding of, and practical experience with, AVID methodologies that meet their students’ needs. This initiative brings the AVID system full circle, as teacher candidates leave the universities prepared to teach all students to be college-ready.

AHE is presently working in public and private 2-year and 4-year colleges and universities, and many are Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs) with enrollments of less than 16,000 students. Presently, AHE is in over 40 institutions in 13 different states. See our current list of AVID for Higher Education Campuses.

AHE’s Student Success Initiative also supports Career and Technical Education (CTE) at our 2-year institutions. AVID’s WICOR strategies help students develop skills that employers require for workplace success.

What do AHE colleges and universities say? The AVID for Higher Ed 2014 Compendium details experiences from the following schools:
Texas Tech University
University of Houston-Downtown
Mt. Hood Community College
Odessa College
Nash Community College
Globe University/Minnesota School of Business - Brooklyn Center

Carnevale, A. P., & Desrochers, D. M. (2003). Standards for what? The economic roots of K–16 reform. Princeton, NJ: Educational Testing Service.

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