AVID’s mission is to close the achievement gap by preparing all students for college readiness and success in a global society.

Advancement Via Individual Determination

AVID and Roadtrip Nation: Helping Students Define Their Own Roads in Life

The AVID System has been making significant strides in preparing students for college, as AVID Center has partnered with other organizations to enhance the success of all students in a global society. Roadtrip Nation has created innovative, self-discovery resources to help students connect their studies and interests to real-world opportunities. AVID’s partnership with Roadtrip Nation helps students put college and career planning into the context of their own lives. The goals of the Roadtrip Nation Experience: AVID include the following:


  1. To showcase different life pathways that connect to students’ individual interests, as well as college and career aspirations.
  2. To foster 21st century skills through collaboration, online research, and multimedia tools.
  3. To provide students with the context to understand how and why their career and college selection process should reflect their individual interests and talents.

The Roadtrip Nation Experience: AVID 10th Grade
This project-based curriculum pairs real-world exposure with self-reflection activities to help students learn more about themselves and different life pathways. Students explore the stories of hundreds of successful leaders by connecting to the Roadtrip Nation Interview Archive, and complete an interview with a local leader who shares their interests. Each lesson is aligned with the AVID Secondary Essentials.

Roadtrip Nation Exploration: AVID 8th Grade
This blended learning curriculum for 8th grade AVID students facilitates self-discovery, exposure to career pathways, and collaboration with peers. Eight online lessons guide students through a journey to discover their interests, using research, goal-setting, and real-world learning to foster investment in the future. The final project brings career exploration to life as students conduct an interview in their AVID classroom with a community professional.

This program offering through Roadtrip Nation is available exclusively for AVID member schools and districts. For more information or to purchase the Roadtrip Nation Experience: AVID, please complete this order form or visit Roadtrip Nation's website.