AVID’s mission is to close the achievement gap by preparing all students for college readiness and success in a global society.

Advancement Via Individual Determination

Our Stories (Videos)

Welcome to the video section of the AVID website. Here, you will find some moving stories from AVID students and teachers. In addition, we'll be showcasing some of our AVID schools' videos. Be sure to check out additional videos on AVID's YouTube channel.

View available Summer Institute Speaker videos from 2006-2016 on our AvidAboutAVID page on YouTube.

Featured Videos

Voices of AVID


Voices of AVID 1
Hear how AVID has touched the lives of two students, in their voices.
Voices of AVID 2
Alumna Debbie Alfred shares advice for other AVID students.
Voices of AVID 3
AVID: Stability in a Volatile World. New to the United States from war-torn countries, listen to these students who found their American dream with AVID.

Introduction to AVID


Introduction to AVID
Hear from current AVID educators and students, from elementary through higher education, as they talk about their experiences and how AVID works for them.
What is AVID Elementary?
Learn about AVID Elementary, its components, and how it fits into the AVID College Readiness System
AVID for Higher Education
"AVID for Higher Education collaborates with colleges and universities to increase student learning, persistence, completion and success beyond college..."

History of AVID


What is AVID?
This two-minute piece provides a quick overview of the AVID program. It is meant to be a short introduction. We encourage you to watch additional videos or read more about the program on our website for more in-depth information.
Celebrating 30 Years
This video, which was shown at the beginning of each Summer Institute, celebrates AVID's 30th anniversary and highlights important organizational milestones throughout the past three decades. Featured alumni showcase AVID's impact on their lives.
Cardboard Confessionals
Seniors of the L. V. Berkner High School Class of 2009 reflected on their journey toward graduation by creating a personal cardboard confessional. The intent of this project was to bid farewell to high school and to the faculty who mentored them.