AVID’s mission is to close the achievement gap by preparing all students for college readiness and success in a global society.

Advancement Via Individual Determination

Community Support

There is significant competition within school districts and institutions of higher education for funding. The many community stakeholders who care about education and the community are a sustainable resource to support the AVID System. In these changing times, AVID site coordinators, district leaders and higher education liaisons will be looking more to their local communities to generate the resources to support their college readiness and success efforts.

Initiating Relationships


Who Do We Know?

  • Ask site team for referrals to connections at local businesses and foundations; ask colleagues, family
    and friends
  • Research your corporate community; ask your team to find connections to make introductions
  • Review board of directors lists at foundations and corporations; ask your team to find connections to make introductions
  • Research all websites and call for preliminary information so you prepare just what each funder wants


Preparing to Present

  • Create a brochure or fact sheet for corporate committees with site, district and national AVID information
  • Develop presentations for local businesses, corporations and community that include:
    • Data on AVID students
    • Stories about or by AVID students

    10 Key Principles for Creating Community Change


    By Margaret Wheatley, Organizational Expert & Author, LEADERSHIP AND THE NEW SCIENCE


    1. People support what they create.
    2. People act responsibly when they care.
    3. Conversation is the way human beings have always thought.
    4. To change the conversation, change who is in it.
    5. Expect leaders to come from anywhere.
    6. Focusing on what is working gives us energy and creativity.
    7. The wisdom resides within us.
    8. Everything is a failure in the middle.
    9. Humans can handle anything as long as we are together.
    10. We need to come together in the spirit of generosity, forgiveness and love.
  • Invite stakeholders to attend
    • AVID student Q & A panel
    • Socratic Seminar with AVID students
  • Define the ask: create an itemized list for use of funds; give a range; make it specific
  • Offer other opportunities for people to support AVID:
    • Mentoring
    • Volunteer tutoring


Make the Appointment

  • Call or email to arrange an appointment to present the information and begin building the relationship

Maintaining Relationships


Keep Adding Exposure and Value

  • Presentation at Board of Education meeting
  • Announcement in newspaper and site/district newsletters
  • Posters or banners at site
  • Updates in parent newsletters
  • Notes from AVID students
  • Support for corporation’s other initiatives
  • Presentations at corporate committee meetings
  • AVID student vignettes
  • End-of-year reports and budget


Engage Their Interest and Make It Worth Their Time & Money

  • Find out what they want and appeal to their needs and wants
  • Make the ask–exactly the way they tell you; follow directions to a tee


Always Say Thank You

  • Often and in different ways


Ask Again



You Share a Common Vision
You Are Working Together To Build A Stronger Community