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When Are We Going to Use This in Real Life?
As an algebra teacher, I was often faced with the question, “When are we going to use this in the real world?” In fact, many students took great delight in telling me that their parents told them that they never used algebra after high school. I respectfully told them that although their parents may have never solved an equation on paper after high school, they still used the critical thinking skills that they learned in their math classes. Read more...

The Real Common Core - How Loving Your Students Changes Everything
According to author and researcher Dr. Lou Cozolino, “…teacher-student attunement isn’t a ‘nice addition’ to the learning experience, but a core requirement.” The first stage of engaging students in any lesson is to first engage with them as humans in this world– their stories, their identities. Read more...

Mindfulness Meets AVID
I am proud to say our school district has gone in a holistic direction by investing in our students and staff by hiring a mindfulness specialist. Having this resource has transformed how I approach the classroom, my students, and my life. I had heard of mindfulness and done a yoga class here and there, but I really had no idea what the term actually meant and how powerful it could be. Read more...

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