AVID’s mission is to close the achievement gap by preparing all students for college readiness and success in a global society.

Advancement Via Individual Determination


What is AVID Schoolwide?


AVID is schoolwide when a strong AVID system transforms the Instruction, Systems, Leadership, and Culture of a school, ensuring college readiness for all AVID Elective students and improved academic performance for all students based on increased opportunities.


Instruction: Entire instructional staff utilizes AVID strategies, other best instructional practices, and 21st century tools to ensure college readiness for AVID Elective students and improved academic performance for all students.

Systems: Systems are in place that support governance, curriculum and instruction, data collection and analysis, professional learning, and student and parent outreach to ensure college readiness for AVID Elective students and improved academic performance for all students.

Leadership: School leadership sets the vision and tone to promote college readiness and high expectations for all students in the school.

Culture: School’s beliefs and behaviors which reflect and demonstrate an increase in the number of students meeting college readiness requirements.

Learn more about AVID Schoolwide

AVID Center blogs from practitioners sharing their Schoolwide AVID experiences are included below:

Research, articles, and other Schoolwide AVID resources are included below:

  • Schoolwide Research on AVID features an overview of more than 15 studies on Schoolwide AVID.
  • Schoolwide and Districtwide AVID – Recommendations for Implementation outlines specific recommendations and research findings for moving the AVID System schoolwide and districtwide.
  • Access Research Journal, Issue 14.2 features:
    • Distributing Leadership Schoolwide Through the AVID Site Team
      From the very first AVID site team in 1980 to thousands of site teams today, Executive Vice President Rob Gira highlights effective strategies and exemplary programs that implement them.
    • District Directors and Districtwide AVID
      Guest contributors and pioneer district directors in Texas discuss how to grow AVID districtwide.
  • Access Research Journal, Issue 14.1 features:
    • AVID: At the Core of a World Class School District
      Dr. Wendell J. Brown discusses what it takes to be a world class school and the important role that the AVID System plays in the process.  

AVID sites looking to increase AVID’s impact schoolwide can log in to MyAVID or contact your local Division for additional resources. Exemplary AVID schools also serve as learning centers for others interested in viewing AVID Schoolwide.