AVID’s mission is to close the achievement gap by preparing all students for college readiness and success in a global society.

Advancement Via Individual Determination

AVID Center awarded 2012 i3 Development Grant

AVID Central Florida Collaborative:
Improving Student Outcomes in a Rural Context

AVID Center is partnering with three rural local education agencies in Florida, their area educational consortium and the local college district to demonstrate the hypothesis that a collaborative of secondary and postsecondary institutions serving a rural area that vertically integrates college readiness best practices, access to rigorous coursework and student support strategies can significantly improve student achievement and success.

Official Partners are the School District of De Soto County, Hardee County Schools, and Highlands County Schools. Other Partners are the Heartland Educational Consortium, a regional, non-profit, educational service agency providing cooperative services to member districts, and South Florida State College, offering dual enrollment, associate degrees and an expanding number of baccalaureate degrees. All three school districts are members of the Heartland Educational Consortium.

Two project strategies address the challenges of rural students and schools:

Strategy 1: Undertake systematic vertical alignment to increase college readiness across four feeder patterns of middle school, high school and college campus. The project establishes a Vertical Alignment Collaborative bringing together school, district and college leaders, key decision-makers and subject content leaders to explore, define, and implement processes and procedures that leverage limited resources, create communities of practice for educators, align best practices and expectations across grades and levels, and promote economic and relational efficiencies that can result in greater student success.

The project will develop a manual to guide school districts and colleges in implementing this vertical alignment approach. The manual will be designed to enable the Vertical Alignment Collaborative processes and structures developed to be used to implement other learning support structures as well as AVID and will be available in print and online.

Strategy 2: Accelerate implementation of AVID at secondary schools to achieve a schoolwide impact by training a significant number of teachers in the first three years. As more teachers use the AVID instructional methodologies in classes, more students learn WICOR skills and engage in college readiness activities. Students schoolwide are motivated to succeed in the classes of rigor required for college acceptance. The entire school campus is impacted as AVID’s college-going mindset permeates classrooms. South Florida State College instructors will learn and implement AVID methodologies in selected core "gatekeeper" courses that students enroll in during high school (dual enrollment).

The project utilizes the AVID College Readiness System as the foundation for the college readiness best practices, instructional methodologies to increase access to rigorous coursework, student support strategies, and systemic approach to creating college-going cultures on campuses.

The grant term is five years and the i3 award is nearly $3 million. In addition, the AT&T Foundation is partnering with AVID to provide a private sector match which will fund AVID tutors at the secondary schools and college visits for the students.