AVID’s mission is to close the achievement gap by preparing all students for college readiness and success in a global society.

Advancement Via Individual Determination

AVID Alumni Association

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Mission: Provide a network of support for all AVID students, connecting them in ways that enhance their academic and professional success in a global society.

Provide AVID Alumni the opportunity for a soft landing and smooth journey to and through college, a prosperous launch from college into their careers, and the chance to make enduring contributions to others.
  • Soft Landing: Provide a network of campus support to ensure a smooth transition to college
  • Smooth Journey: Connect Alumni in ways that help increase persistence rates on college campuses
  • Prosperous Launch: Enhance professional success by providing students with professional connections
  • Enduring Contribution: Bridge AVID Alumni to communities in ways that positively impact students and schools


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Meet AVID Alumni Coordinator Cynthia Arellano

Cynthia Arellano

AVID Graduate: California State University- San Marcos
Consultant, AVID Alumni Association

Contact Cynthia Arellano at arell003@gmail.com for more information about the AVID Alumni Association.

In April of 2013, I received an honorable invitation to speak to AVID staff about the role of AVID in my personal and professional life. I shared about the “trickle” effect of their passion and work. Their commitment, I expressed, inspired my capacity to outweigh challenges, presented me with the confidence to be firm and the individuals whose faith became the basis of my ambitions.

It is my commitment to AVID’s mission, the passion of AVID staff, and the ambitions of underserved youth that connected me with the AVID Alumni Association. AVID has determined that our duty does not end when high school seniors receive their college acceptance letters. In fact, it is this moment where high school seniors unseal the opportunity to manifest the strength of their character and excellence of their scholarship.

To assist AVID graduates in materializing these, I will be collaborating with Dr. Barbara Smith, Rob Gira, and postsecondary liaisons at colleges and universities throughout the United States in the development of an AVID Alumni Association. The mission of the AVID Alumni Association is to provide a network of support for all AVID students, connecting them in ways that enhance their academic and professional success in a global society. I am flattered to be part of the movement that has at the forefront a vision to enhance the opportunities of success for first-generation college students through and beyond college.

I have faith in the prevailing value of an AVID Alumni Association and excited to be a part of an evolving program that continues to place emphasis on the individuals it serves.