AVID’s mission is to close the achievement gap by preparing all students for college readiness and success in a global society.

Advancement Via Individual Determination

AVID Center Research and White Papers


Published Studies


AVID Teacher Leadership: Administrator and Teacher Perceptions of Leadership Attributes   

An Examination of AVID Graduates’ College Preparation and Postsecondary Progress: Community College Versus 4-year University Students  

Examining Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) and its Impact on Middle School Rigor and Student Preparedness  

Identifying Predictors of College Success Through an Examination of AVID Graduates’ College Preparatory Achievements  

The Impact of AVID Professional Development on Teacher Perceptions of School Culture and Climate in the United States    

The Impact of AVID on Mexican-American Students Enrolled in a Four-Year University   

AVID Professional Development as a Predictor of Teacher Leadership in the U.S.   

Retention of First-Generation College-Going Seniors in the College Preparatory Program AVID   

Leadership and AVID Implementation Levels in Four South Texas Border Schools   

Implications of One Comprehensive School Reform Model for Secondary School Students Underrepresented in Higher Education   

The Magnificent Eight: AVID Best Practices Study   

Longitudinal Research on AVID, 1999-2000: Final Report   

White Papers

AVID Secondary Students’ College Enrollment and Persistence: What Equity Gaps?, AVID Center
Preview: The following report is the first in a series of reports to examine Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) students’ enrollment and persistence in college. In future reports, program components and other data sources will be linked to this information for more thorough investigations into AVID students’ preparation for college enrollment and success. View our press release here.

Florida State Senate Report on AVID Student Outcomes, AVID Center
Preview: The current study was intended to investigate rigorous course enrollment and achievement among students enrolled at nine school districts in the state of Florida. Specifically, questions regarding differences between AVID and non-AVID students, socio-economic levels, and ethnic categories were explored.

Validation of the AVID Certification Self-Study: A Measure of AVID Secondary Program Implementation Fidelity
Preview: The Eleven Essentials and Certification Self-Study (CSS) were developed to assist AVID schools in the implementation of AVID and provide the AVID Center with information necessary to monitor the quality, consistency, and implementation fidelity of AVID programs around the world.

Preview: The implementation of AVID appears to have a positive impact on school attendance rates within the AVID student population.


Wall of Fame, Jonathan Freedman
Preview: How did one young teacher in one small classroom defy the education hierarchy; inspire, cajole, and prod disadvantaged students to determine their own destinies; and revolutionize public schools? This is the AVID story – the 20-year learning adventure of Mary Catherine and her students.

Constructing School Success: The Consequences of Untracking Low-Achieving Students
Preview: This is a book based on several years of research on high school AVID programs in San Diego City Schools. Read the abstract here.
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